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Festival Information

  • Green Barley Field Festival The beautiful landscape created by the Green Barley Field When Mid-April Web Site

  • Namwon Kwanghanru Cherry Blossoms Journey Pink Spring Journey to Namwon When Mid-April Web Site

  • Jeonju Intl. Film Festival Internal Film Festival with various attraction When April 28th~May 7th Web Site

  • Namwon Chunhyang Festival Chunhyang, a heroine of Korean traditional novel is main theme of this festival. When Mid-May Web Site

  • Sunchang Bike Trip on Seomjin River & Mt. Gangcheon Riding bike on Seonmjin River Path When Mid-May Web Site

  • Jinan Ground Pink Festival & Mai Mountain. Beautiful Ground Pink and Mai mountain looks like a horse's ear. When Mid-May Web Site

  • Buan Masil Festival Street Festival you can feel traditional culture of Buan When Mid-May Web Site

  • Gochang Mud Festival Experience mud flat of the Korean West coast When Mid-May Web Site

  • Jinan Maeul Festival Experience Korean traditional village When Mid-July Web Site

  • Gunsan Saemangeum & Seonyudo Beach The biggest sea wall in Korea & beautiful islands When Late July Web Site

  • Muju World Martial Arts Festival Enjoy various world martial arts. When Early August

  • Muju Firefly Festival Festival main theme, firefly can live in only clean nature. When Late August Web Site

  • WanJu Wild Food Festival Enjoy natural & healthy food When Mid-September Web Site

  • Jangsu Hanurang Sagwarang Festival Taste famous Jangsu beef and apply When Mid-September Web Site

  • Seonunsa Buddhist Temple Festival Korean Buddhism culture and red lycoris radiata HERB. When Mid-September Web Site

  • Jeonju Intl. Sori Festival An international music festival that world music centering around Korean traditional music including Pansori (which has been registered as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritages of Humanity by UNESCO since 2003), When Sept. 29th~Oct. 3rd Web Site

  • Jeonju Bibimbap Festival The biggest Bibimbap festival in Korea. When Mid-October Web Site

  • Jeongeup Gujeolcho Festival Photographers’' favorite place. When Mid-October Web Site

  • Gimje Jipyungsun festival Experience Korean farm from the open area where you can see the horizon When Mid-October Web Site

  • Imsil Cheese Festival Taste special Korean cheese. When Mid-October Web Site

  • Sunchang Source Festival Sunchang is famous for red pepper paste. Taste various source. When Mid-October Web Site

  • Fall Foliage Journey of Jeongeup Naejang Mt. Every year 1million visitors love the fall foliage. When Late Oct.~ Early Nov. Web Site

  • Iksan Chunmansonghee Gukhwa Festival Famous Chrysanthemum festival in Iksan. When Mid-November Web Site

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